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Town Council

Ward #1     
Ward #2    
Ward #3    


Charles Nadal

Wayne Sunday   
Keith Crawford, Mayor 

Town Office Personnel


Town Clerk

Deputy Clerk

​Court Clerk

Code Inspector 

John Cegielski 

Larry Hougland

Kari Williams

Brandi Jarvis

Marvan Huen

Other Verdigris Leadership

Police Chief

Fire Chief


Jack Shackelford

Mike Shaffer

Town Council meetings are the  3rd Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm.  Click HERE to go to current agendas.


As the legislative body, the Verdigris Town Council is responsible for:

  • setting town policy through ordinances and resolutions

  • adopting the town budget

  • passing Ordinances which become town laws

  • making performance auditing decisions

  • monitors the operation and performance of town agencies

  • and holds regular oversight meetings on town departments to determine how programs are working and whether budgeted funds are being spent well.


In its decision-making roles, the Town Council actively involves the  public through its regular public meetings.  In addition, the Council acts in a quasi-judicial role in hearing appeals regarding actions taken by a number of Town agencies. 


Town Council

and Verdigris Leadership

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